5 Signs Your Prescription Eyewear Needs to be Updated

Life would be so much easier if patients could simply renew or update their eyewear on the same schedule every year – but, sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Our eye anatomy and vision can change in unpredictable ways and on unpredictable timelines. So, when a calendar can’t tell you you’re due for a new… Read More

5 Ways to Keep Eyes Comfortable During Virtual Work

Excessive screen time – or working in an environment that’s too dark or otherwise not optimal – can put a strain on your eyes that could negatively affect your work or school performance. But digital technology is here to stay, so how do we adapt? First, pay close attention to symptoms that could indicate dry… Read More

3 Ways LASIK Improves Performance On and Off the Field

Are you ready for some preseason football? More importantly, are your eyes ready? Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an armchair quarterback or content to watch on the sidelines, you’ll probably do it all more effectively with better eyesight. For anyone considering a Detroit LASIK procedure, here are three important ways your performance improves after LASIK…. Read More

5 Ways Summer Is Better After LASIK

Summer was made for carefree fun in the sun – or whatever natural element gives you great vibes. Whether you’re a museum-hopper or a sports buff, you can enjoy it more and probably do it better if your natural vision is optimal. Here are the top five ways your summer could get better with LASIK…. Read More

How to Know if You Have Contact Lens Intolerance

Does this sound like you? You’ve worn prescription contact lenses since you were a teen with nary a problem once you learned how to put them in, take them out and care for them. Then slowly over time… ouch! Your eyes burn when you wear contacts now for extended periods of time. What gives? You… Read More