4 Facts You May Not Know About Astigmatism

More than a third of Americans are affected by astigmatism, which occurs when the cornea, or lens, of the eye is misshapen, causing light to focus incorrectly on the retina. Although most cases are so mild that no corrective action is necessary, others cause blurry vision, poor depth perception, distortion, eye strain and sometimes headaches…. Read More

The Top 3 Patient Concerns about LASIK

Fear of the unknown keeps many people from potentially life-changing decisions, and this is no less true of the decision to fix your bad vision through LASIK. Eye surgery can be intimidating when you don’t know what to expect, so we’re going to lift the veil on the whole thing.  Here are the 3 most… Read More

5 Things to See in Detroit After LASIK

After laser eye surgery, our patients tell us they notice things about their surroundings they haven’t seen in a long time—or ever. We thought it would be wise, then, to give them (and you) our top picks: 5 things to see in Detroit after LASIK. What better time to soak it all in than after… Read More

COVID-19 and Contact Lenses: What You Need to Know

With the emergence of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 , we’re navigating a strange new world. This is especially true in regard to health, whether it’s our own or that of our patients. At Lake Lazer Eye Center, we are in the business of giving people their freedom from glasses and contacts, but the pandemic… Read More

What Is the Best Time of Year to Get LASIK?

Winter, spring, summer or fall? Which season is best for LASIK? While the greening of spring or a summer vacation might feel like great times for a vision refresh, do you really want to wait to get out of those glasses or contact lenses? You’re in luck. It just so happens that winter is the… Read More