Dr. Khambati

Ophthalmologist Clinton Township, Milford, Novi, MI

Shabbir Khambati, M.D.

As a boy Shabbir Khambati had a close relationship with his grandfather. Shabbir’s grandfather was afflicted with an eye disease called macular degeneration and he became visually impaired. Remembering his grandfather’s struggles, Shabbir decided he wanted to help patients maintain good visual health. This inspired Shabbir to pursue medical training in ophthalmology, the only surgical field in medicine that would allow him to fulfill that goal.

With hard work and determination Shabbir Khambati, having completed his ophthalmology residency at the Kresge Eye Institute in 2001, is now Shabbir Khambati, M.D. Prior to completing his residency, Dr. Khambati in good faith made a verbal agreement with a local ophthalmologist to join his established practice. Under this agreement Dr. Khambati and his wife Shabnam were to work together at the practice and buy it out over time. The Khambatis had a personal desire to perform community work before joining the practice they traveled to rural areas of India where Dr. Khambati performed over 1,000 free cataract surgeries.

When Dr. Khambati and Shabnam returned from India eager to start their future in ophthalmology, they contacted the doctor about joining the practice. Unfortunately, he decided not to sell the practice and he rescinded the offer. They were devastated. Dr. Khambati was unemployed. Shabnam had left her position with a pediatric endocrinologist to care for their two-year old daughter Alisha and her ailing mother-in-law. Dr. Khambati sought out positions with local hospitals and ophthalmology practices to no avail. Since he had a wife and small child to support, he went to work for three different optical offices just to make ends meet.

During this time, Dr. Khambati’s father offered him a small space in the corner of his dental practice so he could start building his ophthalmology practice. The space was so small that the eye exam room didn’t have a door and there was only enough room for two patients in the lobby. That small space and long hours working with his wife was enough to give them a foundation to build a thriving ophthalmology practice and optical dispensary. In two short years the business became so successful that the Khambatis were able to move into their own Clinton Township office. Today, by the grace of God, there are three Lake Lazer Eye Center locations.

The Khambatis faced several challenges at the beginning, however their mission has always remained the same: excellent eye health care with the best technology. They will never forget those that helped them achieve this goal, especially the loyal patients from the Clinton Township practice. It is that appreciation for patient loyalty that keeps them humble, caring and trustworthy healthcare providers.


Date of Birth: March 6, 1972
Place of Birth: Mumbai, India; Came to Buffalo, NY at age 3; Moved to Rochester Hills, MI at age 8
Happily married to Shabnam and proud father to Alisha
Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Comics, Swarovski Crystals and Stocks

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Medical Director; Lake Lazer Eye Center; July 2001-Present

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