Patient Testimonials

“I’m now 24 hours into my new and wonderful eyes!!! I was a nervous wreck before I went under the laser. Dr. K instantly put me at ease when he said “don’t worry, I’ve got this”. Now I can see like I’ve never been able to. Thank you, Dr. K, for my new outlook on the world around me.”

— Matt S.

” Dr. Khambati and his staff were very nice, I got my LASIK surgery done and they made me feel very comfortable. I had a great experience.”

— Sara N.

” PLEASE READ… It is known as the “Silent thief of Sight“ Glaucoma. Like most guys, I don’t go to the doctor usually till my wife gets on me for checkups. I feel pretty good so I think I am fine, luckily I went in for my eye exam at Lake Lazer Eye Center with Dr. Khambati this week. They do a full MRI of the eyes so they can see the nerves and said Chris your numbers are higher than they should be and we will recheck you in another month but it’s a good thing you came in. The bad news is I may very well have Glaucoma the good news is we caught it early enough to treat you. He was not trying to scare me but after a long conversation, I realize that untreated Glaucoma leads to blindness. I urge all my friends if it has been over a year please don’t wait like I did. Thank you Dr. Khambati and your entire staff for taking such good care of me!”

— Chris C.

” Before choosing a surgeon to work on my eyes I went for consultations with several other doctors. Dr. Khambati was more thorough and attentive than the rest. There were no surprises and now my vision is better than 20/20! I highly recommend Dr. Khambati.”

— Tim E.

” Details. Details. Details. I see all kinds of new details! Utmost in professionalism and performance. Could not have been better informed or taken care of…thanks so much!”

— Claudette G.

” Had my IntraLase procedure done a week ago this Friday. Best decision I have ever made. Staff & Doctor were great. Explained everything. Not having to wear glass or contacts is the best feeling. If you are ever thinking about getting Lasik do your research and you will find Dr. Khambati pops up to be the best, in my opinion. Would highly recommend this center!”

— Pennie C.

” First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Khambati and staff for making my decision so easy to have LASIK done. My experience with Dr. Khambati and staff was very pleasant. The actual surgery was the greatest thing I have ever done for myself!”

— Donna

” I’m Speechless! What an amazing gift to see without glasses or contacts! Thank You to Dr. Khambati and all of your staff! 20/20 at my first checkup!”

— Rob P.

” Thank you Dr. Khambati!! I had very poor vision and you reassured me, got it right on the first try, and there was virtually no discomfort during and after the procedure! I have already referred others to you!”

— Carol H.

” I have worn glasses for 40 years and it so liberating to see without them or contacts. Dr. Khambati and his staff are great and put my mind at ease during the procedure. They are very friendly and answered all of my questions. It is obvious that they care about their patients.”

— Lisa L.

” Dr. Khambati-I truly appreciate the way you conduct your business and service from start to finish. I am very satisfied and will gladly recommend you to others!!”

— Kraig

” I just had my procedure yesterday. I was extremely nervous but the staff was excellent. There were no surprises during the surgery. This morning I went in for my check up and I already have 20/20 vision. My eyes have been very bad since elementary school. This was an experience I will recommend to anyone interested. I’m still a little blurry, which is normal, but looking forward to the morning I can wake up and see the sky with clarity. I can’t thank Dr. K and his staff enough! I’m thrilled!”

— Lauren B.

” I can see without contacts or glasses for the first time since I can’t even remember! Very pleased with my results.”

— Arthi S.

” Got LASIK done yesterday with Dr.Khambati, I LOVE it!!! He and his staff are amazing to work with and help you feel very comfortable from beginning to end.”

— Grace B.

” I had the PRK procedure done last year and I had a wonderful experience. I am sure I selected the best doctor available in US.”

— Manoj Seema

” I had this done 08/04 & its the best!! Thanks So Much, Doc!”

— Christina S.

” It has been almost four months and I have just about forgotten that I even wore glasses. Dr. Khambati is very confident, caring and made me feel at ease. I am so glad I got it done.”

— Lisa L.

” When I needed new progressive glasses, Doctor Khambati suggested digitally produced glasses. They are amazing, so much sharper than any pair I’ve owned through the years. If you need progressives don’t hesitate to get them!”

— Melany T.

” I love my glasses! Perfect fit!”

— Maria D.

” I love the staff!! Everyone is so nice and very gentle! Dr. Khambati is so patient and kind.”

— Amani N.

” Thank you Dr. Khambati! You and your staff were wonderful.”

— Matt S.

” Thanks so much for the great service I got here. Office staff worked great together to get you in/out with no wait time. Dr was great and full of information and caring”

— Yvette H.

” Couldn’t be happier!! Thank you all!”

— Kimberly D. R.

” Very friendly”

— Donald B.

” Friendly and professional!”

— Remo M. R.