Sports Vision

If you’re an athlete and you have astigmatism, you could benefit in a multitude of ways from specialty glasses for sports. Vision is a fundamental aspect of all sports, and specially designed corrective and/or protective lenses will help you keep your vision as sharply defined as ever.

Basketball and soccer pose a particular risk to eyesight. Even if you do not wear glasses or contact lenses in your daily life, wearing sports goggles during practice and games is a good idea. Eye injuries are unexpected. They’re often described as “freak accidents,” but taking some simple precautions can significantly reduce the chances of an accident ever happening.

Eye protection and eyewear should be a top priority for any athlete. Many athletes may not need corrective lenses for everyday activities, but many could benefit from using them while in the game. Because hand-eye coordination is a basic tenet of sports, some athletes actually undergo vision training to quicken their reflexes and muscle memory. If you’re an athlete looking to improve your game, invest in your future with athletic sports eyewear.

If you or your child is about to begin participating in a new sport, consider bringing them in to our office and asking us about the best sport vision glasses for their particular sport. Vision is a precious gift and an absolute necessity for gifted athletes. Don’t put your passion, or your future, at risk. Most people don’t realize how delicate the eyes are. Don’t find out the hard way. Be proactive and start thinking about eye protection sooner rather than later.