4 Signs Someone You Love Is Struggling with Poor Vision

Vision changes can be sneaky. It’s true: Humans have a remarkable ability to adjust to subtle changes in the senses – often without realizing they’re doing it. This is certainly the case with visual changes, which people often either don’t notice, or simply accept as a natural part of life.  Sometimes it takes objective observations… Read More

M Is for the Many Ways Mom Will Love LASIK

What do you give the woman who has given you everything – love, compassion, education and life itself? How about the gift of better eyesight? This Mother’s Day, help your mom to have a better quality of life through improved vision. Over the years, Lake Lazer Eye Center has helped thousands of mothers achieve freedom… Read More

4 Smart Plays to Protect Your Eyes in Sports Eye Safety Month

April is Sports Eye Safety Month, and not a moment too soon: Spring is when players of all stripes are headed out into the fields or onto the courts to face off in spirited gamesmanship. The easiest way to up your game? Making sure an injury doesn’t take you out of it. Here are our… Read More

5 Ways to Free Up Future Money Flow by Having LASIK Now

If you are in your 20s or even 30s, how much will you spend on expensive glasses and contact lenses in your lifetime? Answer: much more than what you would spend to have LASIK. It’s hard to project how much eyewear prices will increase in the future, but we know for certain the costs will… Read More

Heart Disease and Vision: How Your Heart Affects Eyesight

“Heart disease” is almost a misnomer. At the very least, the moniker tells an incomplete story about the extent to which heart health affects all other organs and functions of the body. That includes the eyes. Think about it: Just as the arteries to and from your heart can be damaged by high pressure, cholesterol… Read More