5 Favorite Eye-Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes

Did you know you can tell how vision-friendly your Thanksgiving meal is by how many bright colors are on your plate? Talk about a feast for the eyes! It’s true: The same nutrients that give your holiday favorites their festive hues are the very nutrients that keep your eyes healthy and working properly. The trick… Read More

The Benefits of All-Laser, SoftTouch LASIK

We live in interesting times. In addition to the breathless array of choices consumers have every day, we also have plenty of options when it comes to our health. That includes which vision correction approach is ideal for those of us who rely on glasses and contacts. If you’re looking to ditch your daily dependency… Read More

Spooky Ways Halloween Could Harm Your Eyes

For those with a penchant for the paranormal, the urge to go next-level creepy with their Halloween costume is an irresistible force. After all, once you’ve spent hours replicating the ravages of zombie rot, what could be spookier than giving your eyes the milky-blue stare of the undead? But there could be scary consequences from… Read More

Is LASIK Worth the Cost? The Answer May Surprise You

According to statistics from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Americans spend more than $15 billion each year on corrective eyewear such as eyeglasses and contact lenses to compensate for refractive errors with their vision. Prescription changes, replacement glasses/contacts and the inconvenience of maintaining those corrective lenses have led millions of people to explore permanent… Read More

COVID-Inspired Hygiene Rules You Should Keep

During the COVID-19 global pandemic the world learned a great deal about how infections spread and mutate, and ways we can protect each other from the spread of disease. While temporary disease mitigation efforts such as constant masking and social distancing will eventually ease up, some healthy habits are worth continuing. Here are our favorite… Read More