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5 Ways Summer Is Better After LASIK

Summer was made for carefree fun in the sun – or whatever natural element gives you great vibes. Whether you’re a museum-hopper or a sports buff, you can enjoy it more and probably do it better if your natural vision is optimal. Here are the top five ways your summer could get better with LASIK…. Read More

5 Reasons Why Summer Is Still a Perfect Time to Get LASIK

What are you going to do with your summer vacation? If your goal is self-improvement, think about making a quick vision fix that can benefit you for a lifetime. Better eyesight can make life easier any time of year, but the combination of LASIK and summer brings with it distinct advantages. These are 5 things… Read More

Considering LASIK? These 6 Patient Quotes May Surprise You

Shabbir Khambati, MD, established Lake Lazer Eye Center to serve patients in Milford, Southfield, Clinton Township and surrounding areas in Michigan, and even visiting patients from around the world. In the two decades since, he and his staff have provided thousands of patients with advanced treatment options for vision correction, including LASIK and SMILE vision… Read More

Cost of LASIK in Detroit: What Can You Expect to Invest?

Asking “How much does Detroit LASIK cost?” is a little like asking “How much does a car cost?” It depends on the vehicle make, model, year, trim level and options, not to mention what sellers may charge from one region, state, city or individual dealership to another. Here, we’ll discuss the price range for LASIK… Read More

Is Winter the Best Time for LASIK?

Could the chilly winter be the hot time for LASIK? We think so! Spring and fall offer comfortable temperatures, while summer was custom-made for recovering during vacation time. But there are favorable conditions during winter that you may not have considered. Learn why winter may be the best time for LASIK in the Detroit area…. Read More

Why Detroit Is Better After LASIK

Let’s be honest: Most people with eyeglasses and contact lenses would gladly ditch the ‘scrips if they could. Your entire world is sharper, clearer and richer when you enjoy better vision.  The most reliable way to achieve consistently good eyesight is not through artificial visual aids but through excellent natural vision, such as what our… Read More

Are Your Eyes Ready for Some Football?

We’re getting closer to a new season of crisp air, seasonal clothes and outdoor adventures. No, not just fall—football season! Whether you’re taking the field or taking a seat in the stands, you don’t want to miss one bit of the glorious action. That means making sure your vision is up to the task. If… Read More

Watersports Enthusiast’s Life After LASIK: ‘It’s an Amazing Feeling’

When Jake Wilson stepped into Dr. Shabbir Khambati’s office for an eye evaluation, he set his hopes high and expectations low. He’d spent the majority of his 34 years in thick eyeglasses and annoying contact lenses and suspected he’d be a hard case due to his tough prescription. “My glasses were so thick, I was… Read More

The Top 3 Patient Concerns about LASIK

Fear of the unknown keeps many people from potentially life-changing decisions, and this is no less true of the decision to fix your bad vision through LASIK. Eye surgery can be intimidating when you don’t know what to expect, so we’re going to lift the veil on the whole thing.  Here are the 3 most… Read More

What Is the Best Time of Year to Get LASIK?

Winter, spring, summer or fall? Which season is best for LASIK? While the greening of spring or a summer vacation might feel like great times for a vision refresh, do you really want to wait to get out of those glasses or contact lenses? You’re in luck. It just so happens that winter is the… Read More