[EARTH DAY] The Environmental Impact of Contact Lenses (and How to Clean Up Your Act)

Millions rely on contact lenses for better vision, yet few ponder their ecological impact. These tiny aids, often discarded daily, weekly or monthly, are not just personal conveniences but potential environmental hazards. 

Find out what discarded contact lenses can do to the planet … and what you can do to minimize the damage.

The Environmental Cost of Clear Vision

1. The Plague of Plastics

Contact lenses, crafted from plastic, become pollutants when not disposed of correctly. Flushing them or letting them slip down the sink introduces microplastics into aquatic environments.

2. Microplastic Menace

As they degrade, contact lenses release microplastics, which infiltrate ecosystems, contaminating soil and water. These particles risk the well-being of marine life and, consequently, humans who are reliant on these water sources.

3. Chemical Quandary

The solutions used to clean and sterilize contact lenses carry chemicals that, when disposed of carelessly, can harm aquatic ecosystems and wildlife.

Turning the Tide: Steps Towards Sustainability

Dispose wisely.

Chucking contact lenses into bins designated for recycling, available at many eye care providers, can curb their environmental damage.

Embrace LASIK.

Opting for LASIK surgery not only diminishes dependence on contacts but also reduces plastic and chemical waste. 

LASIK: A Vision of Sustainability

LASIK surgery offers a lasting solution, sidestepping the environmental pitfalls of contacts. Here’s why it’s a greener choice:

Choosing LASIK over contact lenses means not only opting for convenience and clear vision but also taking a stand for the planet. Find out if LASIK is a good choice for you by scheduling a no-obligation consultation with a Detroit LASIK surgeon at Lake Lazer Eye Center.

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