Monthly Archives: September 2020

7 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Fall

Fall is all about chunky sweaters, pumpkin spice this and that, and the vivid foliage splashed over the landscape. It’s also prime time for fall allergies and the dry eye that so often comes with weather changes. The air is crisp and more humid, which means tears evaporate more quickly. For many others, there’s a… Read More

How (and Why) to Pay for LASIK

Lake Lazer Eye Center has been fortunate to help many patients with cataracts, presbyopia (loss of reading vision), myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism achieve better vision. Once we examine a patient’s eyes and identify a treatment path, vision correction is usually a matter of prescribing the appropriate glasses or contacts, or permanent correction with… Read More

What is the cost of LASIK eye surgery?

It would be wonderful to be able to provide a pat answer to the LASIK pricing question! But there are many things that influence the cost of LASIK in 2020 besides inflation. However, for the purposes of simple discussion, we’ll dig into the national average, as well as what factors affect what you can expect… Read More

LASIK Cost Versus a Lifetime of Glasses and Contacts

Many patients exploring laser vision correction are sometimes daunted by the price tag, but what they may not know is how much they pay for those relatively “cheap” glasses and contacts over the course of a lifetime. We thought it would be helpful to get some perspective on LASIK cost compared to a lifetime of… Read More

Pro Basketball Star Andre Drummond Loves His LASIK

For years, Pro Basketball Star Andre Drummond has trusted Dr. Khambati for his eye care. Recently, he decided to move forward with a LASIK vision correction treatment to help him enjoy crisp, clear vision both on and off the court. We caught up with Andre during his 1-day post-operative appointment, and here’s what he had… Read More