7 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Fall

Woman having a cup of coffee outside

Fall is all about chunky sweaters, pumpkin spice this and that, and the vivid foliage splashed over the landscape.

It’s also prime time for fall allergies and the dry eye that so often comes with weather changes. The air is crisp and more humid, which means tears evaporate more quickly. For many others, there’s a double-whammy: seasonal humidity and seasonal allergies. Antihistamines and decongestants used to treat those sniffles will decrease tear production and worsen the dryness.

While artificial tears and lubricating drops help tremendously with the irritated eyes of autumn, try these 7 tips for prevention:

  1. Stop rubbing. Rubbing is one of the worst habits for your eyes, because the action causes microscopic damage. Relieve itchiness with eye drops instead.
  2. Take in humidified air. Some of us love our bedroom fans! However, fans can be extremely drying, because our eyes often open slightly while we sleep. Instead, use a humidifier to keep the bedroom air from drying your eyes.
  3. Blink in sync. Blinking is our eyes’ natural lubricant but when we’re really focused we can forget to do it. Practice blinking in time with something that occurs frequently. If you’re reading, blink with every punctuation. Drivers may blink every time they spot another car or road sign.
  4. Try a different allergy treatment. Since some oral meds reduce the production of tears that keep your eyes lubricated, try switching to a nasal spray for allergies. Combine this with artificial tears and lubricating eye drops for maximum comfort.
  5. Eat for your eyes. Studies show that diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids are good for the eyes and for overall health. Seafood, vegetables, nuts and unprocessed grains are brimming with them! You can also reduce inflammation in the body by cutting out some of the sugar and processed foods in your diet. And always stay well hydrated.
  6. Kick the smoking habit. Smoking hurts the eyes in many ways: It dries them, prematurely ages the body (including the eyes), and may speed up age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and other conditions. Make this fall – 2020 – the season you do your eyes and your health a huge favor.
  7. Talk to an eye doctor. It goes without saying that you should schedule an eye exam so your eye doctor can help you address uncomfortable eyes in the fall. There are a number of treatments that may be appropriate for you, including prescription eye drops, a LipiTherapy dry eye treatment or even LASIK or ZEISS SMILE surgery to eliminate the need for contact lenses.

With these easy steps toward comfort, there’s no need to let seasonal dryness and allergies dampen your enjoyment of spectacular autumn.

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