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Cost of LASIK in Detroit: What Can You Expect to Invest?

Asking “How much does Detroit LASIK cost?” is a little like asking “How much does a car cost?” It depends on the vehicle make, model, year, trim level and options, not to mention what sellers may charge from one region, state, city or individual dealership to another. Here, we’ll discuss the price range for LASIK… Read More

LASIK, SMILE and PRK: Which Is Right for You?

Tired of glasses or contact lenses? You may have considered laser eye surgery to correct your vision.  Laser eye surgery is a type of refractive surgery that uses a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear front part of the eye, to improve how light focuses on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back… Read More

24 in ’24: Resolutions for Better Vision in the New Year and Beyond

As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, it’s time to start thinking about health and well-being. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is take care of our eyes. If you’re looking to improve your eyesight and protect your eyes from future problems, here are 24 easy, eye-friendly New… Read More