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4 Reasons Fall Might Be the Best Time for LASIK

Did you miss your chance to get vision correction over the summer? Don’t fret: You may be entering the best time for LASIK right now. For many people, the mild autumn months are the most comfortable time of year. There may also be extra openings on the calendar with summer travel completed, the kids back… Read More

4 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of LASIK

Does LASIK hurt? What if I blink during LASIK surgery? At Lake Lazer Eye Center, we’ve heard all the questions and common concerns potential candidates have about LASIK vision correction. We believe that with clear, detailed communication, patients with myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism are usually much less frightened. That’s because usually people avoid LASIK surgery… Read More

4 Common Reasons for Your Blurry Vision

Something as ubiquitous as blurry vision can have scores of causes, from high blood sugar to migraines to an eye injury. With so many potential causes, how does one zero in on where the problem lies? In most cases, the source is one of a handful of common causes and, for a highly experienced Detroit… Read More

5 Signs Your Prescription Eyewear Needs to be Updated

Life would be so much easier if patients could simply renew or update their eyewear on the same schedule every year – but, sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Our eye anatomy and vision can change in unpredictable ways and on unpredictable timelines. So, when a calendar can’t tell you you’re due for a new… Read More

3 Ways LASIK Improves Performance On and Off the Field

Are you ready for some preseason football? More importantly, are your eyes ready? Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an armchair quarterback or content to watch on the sidelines, you’ll probably do it all more effectively with better eyesight. For anyone considering a Detroit LASIK procedure, here are three important ways your performance improves after LASIK…. Read More

3 Important Facts About Sunglasses and Your Eyesight

Rays out, shades out!  Just as skin requires care and protection, so do your eyes – especially on dusty, bright days. A pair of sunglasses isn’t just a cool fashion accessory; it’s an instant shield against light and debris that can damage your eyes and your vision. Sunglasses Basics Overexposure to sun raises the risk… Read More

Butt Out! 5 Ways Cigarette Smoke Negatively Affects Your Eyes

More than 34 million adults in the United States are addicted to cigarettes, and it often has a detrimental effect on health. In fact, for roughly half of smokers, the habit causes cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases and other health complications.  The harm doesn’t stop there: As if heart and lung diseases weren’t bad enough, smoking… Read More

6 Ways to Keep Your Eyesight Safe During Sports

Fore!!! Are you hitting the links, the gridiron or the court this spring? Let’s talk about one of the most important pieces of sports equipment you’ll need: eye protection. Most of us have experienced a minor eye injury at one time or another, from an accidental finger poke to a whack from a high-speed ball…. Read More

Lake Laser Eye Center’s Fast, Convenient, Automated Eye Exam System

“Easier, faster, more convenient.” Thanks to modern technology, this statement applies to everything from buying groceries (InstaCart), to ordering dinner (UberEats) to watching movies (Netflix). And now at Detroit LASIK and Eye Care provider Lake Lazer Eye Center, the latest tech advancements allow you to take advantage of an easier, faster, more convenient eye exam…. Read More

Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

LASIK is an extremely safe, effective and popular, laser-guided vision correction procedure that is used to fix a variety of vision problems. Perhaps you’re in search of a Detroit LASIK provider to find out if you’re a good candidate for treatment. Poor eyesight isn’t the only qualification for LASIK. An eye surgeon will need to… Read More