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Is Winter the Best Time for LASIK?

Could the chilly winter be the hot time for LASIK? We think so! Spring and fall offer comfortable temperatures, while summer was custom-made for recovering during vacation time. But there are favorable conditions during winter that you may not have considered. Learn why winter may be the best time for LASIK in the Detroit area…. Read More

Why Detroit Is Better After LASIK

Let’s be honest: Most people with eyeglasses and contact lenses would gladly ditch the ‘scrips if they could. Your entire world is sharper, clearer and richer when you enjoy better vision.  The most reliable way to achieve consistently good eyesight is not through artificial visual aids but through excellent natural vision, such as what our… Read More

Your 5 Detroit LASIK FAQs Answered

LASIK eye surgery holds the status of being the most successful vision correction procedure to date, has helped millions of people around the world achieve clear, crisp vision during the last 2 decades. Though it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1999, it still inspired lots of questions from curious… Read More

5 Favorite Eye-Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes

Did you know you can tell how vision-friendly your Thanksgiving meal is by how many bright colors are on your plate? Talk about a feast for the eyes! It’s true: The same nutrients that give your holiday favorites their festive hues are the very nutrients that keep your eyes healthy and working properly. The trick… Read More

The Benefits of All-Laser, SoftTouch LASIK

We live in interesting times. In addition to the breathless array of choices consumers have every day, we also have plenty of options when it comes to our health. That includes which vision correction approach is ideal for those of us who rely on glasses and contacts. If you’re looking to ditch your daily dependency… Read More

Is LASIK Worth the Cost? The Answer May Surprise You

According to statistics from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Americans spend more than $15 billion each year on corrective eyewear such as eyeglasses and contact lenses to compensate for refractive errors with their vision. Prescription changes, replacement glasses/contacts and the inconvenience of maintaining those corrective lenses have led millions of people to explore permanent… Read More

COVID-Inspired Hygiene Rules You Should Keep

During the COVID-19 global pandemic the world learned a great deal about how infections spread and mutate, and ways we can protect each other from the spread of disease. While temporary disease mitigation efforts such as constant masking and social distancing will eventually ease up, some healthy habits are worth continuing. Here are our favorite… Read More

Detroit LASIK Options: The SMILE Procedure Explained

Why are so many people smiling about the SMILE procedure? The popular and vision correction procedure is known to be minimally invasive, highly precise and extremely successful in the correction of refractive errors. Here’s a brief primer on SMILE to help you decide if it may be an option for you. What is SMILE? SMall… Read More

Prep Your Vision for the New School Year

Whether you’re returning to school this fall as an educator, staffer or a student, you’ll want to make sure everyone’s ready for the most comfortable, productive experience possible. This is especially important for students who spend their day absorbed in a visual learning environment, and for the educators who rely on certain tools to teach…. Read More

5 Summer Pastimes You’ll Love More After LASIK

Summer is prime time for beaches, water, vacations and plenty of socializing. But fun in the sun is even more fun with better eyesight.  To prove our point, let’s examine five popular summer activities and how they improve after Modern LASIK or the SMILE procedure.  Watersports.  Contact lens wearers know all too well how inconvenient… Read More