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5 Things to See in Detroit After LASIK

After laser eye surgery, our patients tell us they notice things about their surroundings they haven’t seen in a long time—or ever. We thought it would be wise, then, to give them (and you) our top picks: 5 things to see in Detroit after LASIK. What better time to soak it all in than after… Read More

COVID-19 and Contact Lenses: What You Need to Know

With the emergence of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 , we’re navigating a strange new world. This is especially true in regard to health, whether it’s our own or that of our patients. At Lake Lazer Eye Center, we are in the business of giving people their freedom from glasses and contacts, but the pandemic… Read More

Vision Decisions: 6 Surprising Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Attitudes on Eye Care

The coronavirus has forced most of us to look at the world in new ways – literally. Things we didn’t have to think about at the start of 2020 are now part of our daily lives, for good or bad. In the eye care field, many of our patients are shifting their perspectives on the… Read More

How to Prepare for LASIK During COVID-19

It seems the coronavirus has us all reassessing our health and quality of life. With concerns surrounding the spread of germs with contact lenses, as well as frustration from foggy masks, many are turning to LASIK and LASIK alternatives (like the SMILE procedure) for vision correction. Still, many of our patients have questions about what,… Read More

Face Time: SMILE Procedure Lets Young Mom See Daughter Contact-Free

The inability to clearly see the faces of loved ones without contacts or glasses drove Alicia Stanek, 29, to take an important step toward change. With vision of -4.0 in the left eye and -4.5 in the right, everything in her world was blurry – including her beautiful 4-year-old daughter, Eleanor.  “I used to describe… Read More

Brother-Sister Duo Have Their Eyes in the Game After Vision Correction

A spur-of-the-moment decision about vision correction was all it took to forever change two lives for the better.   Ariana Cassells, 22, made the decision to have the SMILE procedure in early August 2020 with Dr. Shabbir Khambati at Lake Lazer Eye Center, and that step encouraged big brother Andre Drummond to follow suit. Drummond, 27,… Read More

Pro Basketball Star Andre Drummond Loves His LASIK

For years, Pro Basketball Star Andre Drummond has trusted Dr. Khambati for his eye care. Recently, he decided to move forward with a LASIK vision correction treatment to help him enjoy crisp, clear vision both on and off the court. We caught up with Andre during his 1-day post-operative appointment, and here’s what he had… Read More