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5 Summer Pastimes You’ll Love More After LASIK

Summer is prime time for beaches, water, vacations and plenty of socializing. But fun in the sun is even more fun with better eyesight.  To prove our point, let’s examine five popular summer activities and how they improve after Modern LASIK or the ZEISS SMILE procedure.  Watersports.  Contact lens wearers know all too well how… Read More

How to Keep Yourself (and Your Eyes) Comfy in the Heat

The pounding temperatures and humidity can be brutal on our bodies, but especially on our delicate eyes. We’ve all taken a too-long look into searing sunlight or experienced the unpleasant sting of a sunblock slurry after a sweaty game.  But that’s not all! Other miseries brought on by the heat and humidity include: Allergies Dryness… Read More