5 Summer Pastimes You’ll Love More After LASIK

Man water skiing

Summer is prime time for beaches, water, vacations and plenty of socializing. But fun in the sun is even more fun with better eyesight. 

To prove our point, let’s examine five popular summer activities and how they improve after Modern LASIK or the ZEISS SMILE procedure. 

  1. Watersports

Contact lens wearers know all too well how inconvenient contacts are on the water. With contacts, you can’t get water from your own shower in your eyes, much less water from a lake, river or ocean. Unsterile water can introduce germs and infections on or under the lens. Worse, it can lead to warped contact lenses, which can squeeze or scratch the cornea. So, contact wearers must switch to glasses or no visual aids until they’re back on dry land.

Patients who have LASIK tell us how happy they are to not worry about removing contacts (or taking off eyeglasses) before a shower, a swim, waterskiing or surfing. You don’t have to fret about losing them either. You can still wear protective goggles if you’d like but stylish, full-spectrum sunglasses are really all you need.

  1. Land sports. 

Being in a dry environment doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. The soaring temperatures and periodic dry spells of summer create dust—the bane of your existence if you wear contact lenses. 

Imagine not having to worry about pollen and dirt getting stuck in your eyes, or worse, under your contacts. Of course for those who achieve clear vision through LASIK or the ZEISS SMILE procedure, not only can they kiss that problem goodbye but they’ll also still be able to take in all the action on the ball field—just without the hassle of glasses and contacts.

  1. Travel. 

Ever lost expensive prescription eyeglasses, or one or both contacts, on vacation? If so, you know the inconvenience and expense involved in getting replacements in an unfamiliar city.

LASIK can fix that. Another benefit of clear vision after LASIK – not needing to pack pricey glasses, contact lenses, cleaning supplies, etc. Bonus: The money you save on eyeglasses and contacts prescriptions can offset some of the cost of your next vacation.

  1. Museums. 

Ah, the natural history museum! Glasses on to read placards about the Pleistocene, glasses off to admire the massive T-Rex skeleton. Glasses back on for the museum map. Back off for the Native American artifacts.

After laser eye surgery, navigating your world becomes infinitely less complicated. No matter what epoch interests you.

  1. Anything that involves sweat. 

It’s bad enough when sweat drips in your eye—or an agonizing mix of sweat and sunblock—but it’s a thousand times worse when you throw glasses or contacts into the mix. 

While permanent vision correction won’t prevent you from sweating, it can help make the experience more comfortable by removing contact lenses from the equation.

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