Amniotic Membrane

AmbioDiskAmbioDisk™ is a 4th generation amniotic membrane (AM) technology created by IOP Ophthalmics. It is sutureless, overlay AM disk for the office-based or surgical treatment of the ocular surface.

The 15mm AmbioDisk configuration is available in both the Ambio2™ (35 microns thick) and Ambio5® (100+ microns thick) technologies. Our new 9mm diameter version is available in the Ambio2 option.

Conventional Uses:

Viable and Biostructurally Intact:

Ambio2 Amniotic Membrane Allografts:

Tissue Safety

All tissue recovered meets stringent specifications related to donor screening and testing.

Tissue Quality

Each allograft is processed, sterilized and packaged with proprietary, device-like methods – to ensure consistent, high-quality tissue for transplantation.

Simple Storage and Preparation

Ambio2 Allografts are provided dehydrated for room-temp storage. No freezing or refrigeration required. Ambio2 activates with sterile saline within minutes. No thawing or soaks required.