LipiScan Test for Dry Eye Treatment

In addition to the latest and most patient-friendly treatment process for clogged oil glands in the eyes, TearCare developed a premier eye imaging system. This imaging system permits an eye doctor the ability to assess whether or not a person has a clogged Meibomian gland.

With this imaging system, a diagnosis of a clogged oil gland can be easier to obtain. This ensures that a sufferer of chronic dry eye can obtain a prompt diagnosis of the underlying cause. A person with chronic dry eye is able to have treatment via TearCare LipiTherapy in a truly timely manner.

In the final analysis, the effective treatment of chronic dry eye best occurs when promptly conducted. Symptom relief is more complete in a shorter period of time, which is a truly welcome objective of treating malfunctioning oil glands in the eye and addressing chronic dry eye.

The TearCare LipiScan test is quick and painless. This type of test to determine the cause of dry eye can be done during a routine eye care appointment.

If you’re suffering from dry eye and need a diagnosis, an experienced eye doctor at Lake Lazer Eye Center can assist. You can schedule an appointment to determine the cause of your chronic dry eye, or for any other eye care needs, by calling us at (586) 792-3891.