How to Keep Yourself (and Your Eyes) Comfy in the Heat

Two runners drinking water

The pounding temperatures and humidity can be brutal on our bodies, but especially on our delicate eyes. We’ve all taken a too-long look into searing sunlight or experienced the unpleasant sting of a sunblock slurry after a sweaty game. 

But that’s not all! Other miseries brought on by the heat and humidity include:

Stay comfortable and seeing your best all summer with these three basic rules:

Avoid dust in the wind.

Arid summers can give rise to a large amount of dust and allergens carried along in those balmy breezes—especially when a heavy rain is followed by a dry stretch.

Don’t let those tiny specs of misery end up in your eyes or stay there for long. Keep allergy eye drops on hand at all times to soothe the redness and scratchiness of dust and pollen. In a pinch, use a cool, wet cloth to gently swipe your eyelids and surrounding skin. Don’t rub! Rubbing only causes further irritation.

Oh, and that cooling fan? When using it indoors, point it away from yourself to keep drying airflow out of your eyes. If you’re outside and need the full blast of air directly on you, put on your favorite shades, close your eyes and enjoy the breeze.

Don’t be blinded by the light.

Yes, your eyes can get sunburned from long exposure to direct sunlight. UV rays will enter unprotected eyes and eventually cause discomfort: burning, redness and dryness, just to name a few symptoms. Repeated direct exposure can hasten macular degeneration and cataracts and can eventually lead to benign tissue growth on the eyes such as pinguecula or pterygium.

To keep your eyes healthier for longer, wear sunglasses with 100 percent UVA/UVB protection, or ones labeled as UV 400. (This has the added bonus of putting a physical barrier between your eyes and that dust and pollen we mentioned.) If you’re still in contact lenses, consider also getting contacts with UV protection built in. 

Don a stylish, wide-brimmed hat to further reduce the level of direct sunlight reaching your precious eyes.

Pick up good hydration.

Drink plenty of water during the summer, not just to avoid dehydration but to improve your eye comfort and health. A well-hydrated body is better equipped to produce the cleansing tears we need to keep the eyes moistened and remove pollutants naturally.

Keep cold, fresh water nearby for constant sipping. You can also use it to cleanse your face when the dust kicks up, or to soak a clean cloth for your neck to cool down.

Finally, do the one thing that never fails to reduce your health risks: handwashing. Often. Wash your hands with plenty of soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds with any exposure to dirty or potentially contaminated surfaces. It’ll help prevent diseases and infections that could spell disaster for your summer break. 

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