Are Your Eyes Ready for Some Football?

photo of football player

We’re getting closer to a new season of crisp air, seasonal clothes and outdoor adventures. No, not just fall—football season!

Whether you’re taking the field or taking a seat in the stands, you don’t want to miss one bit of the glorious action. That means making sure your vision is up to the task. If you wear glasses or contacts, that means at the very least scheduling your annual eye exam to make sure your prescription is accurate.

If you’d rather have better vision without the visual aids (and who doesn’t?!), find out if you’re a candidate for SoftTouch LASIK or them ZEISS SMILE procedure. By booking a consultation now, you could be seeing more clearly than ever by the time the homecoming game kicks off.

Modern vision correction offers a number of benefits to athletes and the fans who support them. Here are just a few…

The Benefits of LASIK Surgery for Athletes

Spot the receiver. You don’t want to be the QB who twiddles around a beat too long in search of your wide receiver. Games are won and lost on such things. 

After LASIK in 1998, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman reportedly went from 20/600 vision (unaided by contact lenses) to 20/20 vision without any visual aids!

Focus on the ball. Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber had LASIK in 2000, improving his unaided vision to 20/15. No doubt sharp eyesight like that helped him avoid embarrassing fumbles by letting him zero in on the pigskin the moment it left the QB’s hand.

Many people mistakenly think LASIK eye surgery is something you do for the purpose of sharper eyesight for reading. If that’s what your particular eye issues, personal goals and lifestyle require, then yes, it is. However, if nearsightedness is your issue or your profession depends on good distance vision, your LASIK surgeon will work with you on a treatment plan that addresses your particular needs.

Avoid contact lens mishaps. Even with helmets, faceguards and pads, in a full-contact sport like football injuries are inevitable. Eyeglasses are cumbersome on the field, and contact lenses that slip can impair a player temporarily or cause injuries themselves. 

Athletes who’ve achieved clear, crisp vision through LASIK or the ZEISS SMILE procedure can use protective eyewear if they choose, but they no longer have to stack it on top of their regular glasses or contacts or purchase special prescription goggles. It’s one less distraction on game day.

The Benefits of LASIK Surgery for Spectators

Even if you don’t have a high-paying sports career on the line, you can gain a better quality of life through SoftTouch LASIK. Here are just a few ways your enjoyment of football improves after LASIK:

Avoid mask fog. We may not be completely done with masks for a while, so we have to talk about it. Let’s face it, foggy eyeglasses are annoying at a riveting game, but contact lenses aren’t much more fun for many. The only sure-fire way to avoid missing parts of the game to mask-fog is to remove the need for glasses!

Don’t miss any of the gridiron action. If nearsightedness plagues you, the view from the nosebleed seats is maddening. It’s only slightly less irritating for the game buddy who dutifully fills you in on what you missed as you squinted to see the play (or while you were defogging your specs).

Just as an athlete can form a surgical treatment plan that caters to their goals, so can you. At Lake Lazer Eye Center, we’ll get to know you and your lifestyle to help you decide the best treatment option to help you achieve the vision best suited to your wants and needs.

Check the field and other game scores without missing a beat. Do you need one pair of glasses for the game and one to check out what’s happening elsewhere in the league from your phone? OK, that might be extreme, but even if you’re just constantly putting on and taking off your reading glasses, wouldn’t it be great not to have to do that?

LASIK vision correction could mean the only glasses you ever need are those super-cool UV-blocking shades all your friends admire. 

Lake Lazer Eye Center offers convenient and affordable financing for laser eye surgery to get you out of glasses and contacts for good. In the event that you’re not a candidate for LASIK, we’ll assist you with a contact lens evaluation or a selection of designer and specialty eyewear.