Healthy Aging Eye Month: What to Know About Vision as We Age

Your eyes are amazing! They can detect colors, shapes, light, movements and even emotions. They help you learn, work, play and enjoy life. But they also need some TLC to remain healthy and prevent problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.  That’s why September’s Healthy Aging Eye Month is so important. It reminds… Read More

5 Things Teachers Can Do to Help Students Excel

As a teacher or a parent, you want your students to achieve their academic goals and become lifelong learners. But how can you help them succeed in the classroom and beyond?  In honor of National School Success Month, here are some reminders of strategies you can use to support your students’ learning and motivation. Feedback… Read More

Could You Have Contact Lens Intolerance? What It Is and What to Do About It

There are an estimated 41 million people in the United States who use contact lenses for temporary vision correction – and many of them have known the pain of CLI. CLI is Contact Lens Intolerance, and it’s no joke. If you want to avoid this painful condition, read on to learn what it is, how… Read More

5 Benefits of Summer LASIK

Not sure if you’re ready for LASIK just yet? Now might be the ideal time to take the plunge: The weather is reasonable; you may have time off; and LASIK in Detroit now means optimal visual results before the warmer months end. Here are five ways LASIK could benefit you for the rest of the… Read More

6 Ways Sunshine Can Damage Eyes (and What to Do About It)

“Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy …” John Denver was on to something when he penned those soothing lyrics. A daily dose of natural light lifts mood, boosts alertness and helps our bodies produce the vitamin D we need to stave off the aging process. It’s essential to a better quality of life. But… Read More

Celebrate Freedom … from Glasses and Contacts

As you celebrate America’s birthday, why not get yourself a present? The gift of freedom from contacts and glasses. The confidence and peace of mind that come with good vision are liberating. If you’re chained to bulky prescription eyeglasses and the taxing responsibility of contact lenses, exercise the unalienable right to better sight. Here are… Read More

5 Reasons to Graduate from Contact Lenses to LASIK

They say glasses make you look smart. Perhaps contact lenses make you feel smart. With LASIK, however, you are smart. There are many reasons why LASIK represents a brilliant vision correction choice for those seeking higher learning – but we’ll just give you the Cliff notes here. As high school grads head off for higher… Read More

Blurred Lines: Is It a Refractive Error or Cataract?

It’s a staggering figure: According to the Academy of Ophthalmology, there are nearly 25 million people in the United States with cataracts right now. In fact, about half of all adults will have cataracts by the age of 75.  June is Cataract Awareness Month, when eye professionals focus on educating patients on the risks, symptoms… Read More

4 Signs Someone You Love Is Struggling with Poor Vision

Vision changes can be sneaky. It’s true: Humans have a remarkable ability to adjust to subtle changes in the senses – often without realizing they’re doing it. This is certainly the case with visual changes, which people often either don’t notice, or simply accept as a natural part of life.  Sometimes it takes objective observations… Read More

M Is for the Many Ways Mom Will Love LASIK

What do you give the woman who has given you everything – love, compassion, education and life itself? How about the gift of better eyesight? This Mother’s Day, help your mom to have a better quality of life through improved vision. Over the years, Lake Lazer Eye Center has helped thousands of mothers achieve freedom… Read More