5 Reasons to Graduate from Contact Lenses to LASIK

They say glasses make you look smart. Perhaps contact lenses make you feel smart. With LASIK, however, you are smart.

There are many reasons why LASIK represents a brilliant vision correction choice for those seeking higher learning – but we’ll just give you the Cliff notes here. As high school grads head off for higher education institutions, let’s talk about why now is the right time to graduate from those contact lenses to LASIK. 

  1. Permanent results

LASIK makes seeing hassle-free. After LASIK, patients love how they can get up and go whenever they want, without having to clean and put in contact lenses in order to see. It’s also nice to not worry about removing lenses when:

So, if you’re running late for your first class of the day, LASIK could save valuable time in the rush out the door.

  1. Fewer infections

According to the CDC, complications from contact lenses result in nearly 1 million doctor’s visits and trips to the ER each year. This is probably due to the fact that daily handling of contact lenses means a constant risk of lens contamination. 

With LASIK, the slight infection risk immediately after surgery is dramatically reduced once the eyes have healed. That means fewer incidents of red eyes hindering your academic progress or social life.

  1. Long-term savings

The average cost of LASIK starts at approximately $2,300 per eye. By comparison, contact lenses can cost tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. As long as you’re investing in your long-term earning ability, why not also invest in long-term savings?

  1. Better night vision

LASIK patients reported better night vision than contact wearers in several studies. That makes it easier to study into the wee hours or navigate the campus after sundown.

  1. Higher satisfaction rates

LASIK received higher marks than contact lenses from the start of this 3-year AAO study, and satisfaction with visual outcomes stayed steady for the entire research period. Those who wore contacts actually became less satisfied as time passed.

Ready for a smart decision about your vision? Take a quick Self-Test to find out if you’re a candidate for LASIK. If you ace it, Lake Lazer Eye Center can counsel you on your best options.

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