Top 4 Perks of SoftTouch LASIK

If you’re considering LASIK, you may have heard the terms “traditional LASIK,” also known as basic LASIK, and “bladeless LASIK,” also known as “all-laser LASIK” or SoftTouch LASIK. SoftTouch is a more advanced procedure than traditional LASIK and is becoming a popular choice for permanent vision correction. 

These terms describe the instruments used in the first step of LASIK – Traditional LASIK uses a physical blade (known as a microkeratome), while SoftTouch LASIK uses a laser. Otherwise, these two approaches to LASIK are quite similar, using a laser in the second step to reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors. While both are considered safe with excellent visual outcomes, SoftTouch offers subtle advantages.

  1. SoftTouch LASIK produces better outcomes.

Not only is the SoftTouch laser more accurate than a physical, surgical blade, so is the microscope used to view the procedure. While basic LASIK is performed using a traditional microscope, SoftTouch utilizes a 3D, image-guided microscope to give surgeons a comprehensive, in-depth view of the eye. This allows for improved laser precision and surgical accuracy – and consequently, better visual outcomes.

SoftTouch patients also report fewer or less severe instances of nighttime glare and halos after their surgery.

  1. SoftTouch LASIK is more comfortable.

Thanks to advancements in LASIK technology, SoftTouch offers distinct advantages over traditional LASIK in terms of the patient experience:

  1. More patients may qualify for SoftTouch LASIK.

The super-thin corneal flaps created with the SoftTouch laser technology allow us to treat people who might otherwise not qualify for LASIK. Patients with thin corneas, who are not good candidates for traditional LASIK, may qualify for SoftTouch. We can also offer this procedure to individuals with higher prescriptions. 

  1. You can get SoftTouch LASIK from an experienced provider.

Dr. Shabbir Khambati of Lake Lazer Eye Center has performed over 20,000 LASIK procedures in the Detroit area and personally performs all LASIK procedures and preoperative and postoperative examinations. Throughout more than two decades as owner/operator of his own practice, Dr. Khambati has studied the latest technology when evaluating candidacy for LASIK and performing laser vision correction. 

There are three Lake Lazer locations in Clinton Township, Southfield and Milford, Michigan. Take the 60-second LASIK Self-Test to see if you may be a candidate, then schedule a LASIK consultation.

Lake Lazer Eye Center offers up-front pricing, and convenient and affordable payment plans for SoftTouch LASIK and the SMILE procedure. Dr. Khambati has helped thousands of people from all over the world escape the restrictions of glasses and contacts. In the event that you’re not a candidate for vision correction, we’ll assist you with a contact lens evaluation or a selection of designer and specialty eyewear.