Top 4 Reasons Our Patients Fall in Love with SoftTouch LASIK

If the price tag on your eyewear prescriptions is breaking your heart, it’s time for a new love: LASIK.

Laser vision correction has improved vision in millions of eyes around the world in just a couple of decades. LASIK has an impressive 96 percent satisfaction rate, meaning patients are smitten with their newfound visual freedom. Here are four reasons Detroit LASIK patients fall in love with SoftTouch LASIK at Lake Lazer Eye Center  – and why you will too.

1. SoftTouch LASIK is super-quick. 

It happens in the blink of an eye – almost literally. SoftTouch LASIK takes just 10 to 15 minutes, and only a few seconds of that time is spent under the laser. What’s not love about that?

2. SoftTouch LASIK is comfortable, not complicated. 

LASIK is widely beloved for its safety, efficacy and high patient satisfaction rate. It’s a popular procedure that patients describe as virtually painless, with quick results. That’s because your surgeon takes careful steps to keep you comfortable for a precise correction and glitch-free experience:

Care continues post-op with take-home antibiotics and steroids to prevent infection and swelling. Your surgeon will also schedule follow-up exams to make sure you’re healing properly and are thrilled with your results.

3. SoftTouch LASIK won’t go breakin’ the bank. 

If you wear prescription glasses and/or contacts, you’re forking out hundreds of dollars a year (even a thousand or more) on eyewear, lenses and all the associated supplies. It gets expensive over time, especially if your prescription changes. 

LASIK, on the other hand, is a one-time cost, then you’re done. Would you prefer to make the investment in sharper vision now, or a lifetime of glasses and contacts for 4 times the price? We think the choice is clear.

4. SofTouch LASIK could be the love of your life. 

According to the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, 9 out of 10 LASIK patients achieved 20/20 vision or better. No more digging around for reading glasses, taking out contacts for every shower or swim, and no more missing all the little things you want to see.

With our advanced technologies, including SoftTouch LASIK and the SMILE procedure, we’ve helped thousands of Detroit LASIK patients fall in love with their eyesight! To find out if you’re a candidate for LASIK, take our 60-second self-test, then schedule a consultation on.

Lake Lazer Eye Center offers up-front pricing, and convenient and affordable payment plans for SoftTouch LASIK and the SMILE procedure. Dr. Khambati has helped thousands of people from all over the world escape the restrictions of glasses and contacts. In the event that you’re not a candidate for vision correction, we’ll assist you with a contact lens evaluation or a selection of designer and specialty eyewear.