Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Eyes

Did you know that many of the health pledges you’ve made for the new year are also great for your eyesight? When you’re healthier, so are your eyes! 

Here are four New Year’s resolutions that will help keep you and your eyes healthier for many years to come.

  1. Quit smoking.

JAMA Ophthalmology reports that nearly 20 million people in the United States are suffering age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and almost 25 million aged 40 and up have cataracts, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Being a smoker puts you at an exponentially greater risk AMD and cataracts, which are leading causes of blindness in adults in the US:

That alone is reason enough to kick the habit. Need help to quit? Join a smoking cessation program to get the tools you need to make this vital change for better health.

  1. Take charge of your health.

Poor overall health can have a significant impact on your vision or make you more susceptible to diseases that eventually rob you of sight. 

Your primary care physician can help you prevent illness or get chronic conditions under control with medications and/or lifestyle changes. In the meantime, small changes you make to your daily routine will go a long way toward improving your health and keeping your eyes as sharp as possible, for as long as possible:

  1. Go easy on the eyes.
  1. Get a quick (and safe) fix – SoftTouch LASIK or the SMILE Procedure.

If you’re still stuck in eyeglasses or contact lenses, get an annual eye exam to keep your prescription up to date. Vision can change for a variety of reasons, so you may want to also have different prescription strengths or types of eyewear for different situations. For a safer, longer-term solution, consider LASIK.

LASIK can represent a huge eye safety improvement, particularly for contact lens wearers. Getting free of contacts means no more infections from contaminated lenses, no more injuries from damaged contacts and no more contact lens intolerance (CLI).

At Detroit LASIK provider Lake Lazer Eye Center, Dr. Khambati uses advanced, proven laser technology to perform the SoftTough LASIK and the SMILE procedures. Which procedure is better suited for your eyes? Book your consultation with Dr. Khambati and find out. It’s the easiest resolution to kick off your year!

Lake Lazer Eye Center offers up-front pricing, and convenient and affordable payment plans for SoftTouch LASIK and the SMILE procedure. Dr. Khambati has helped thousands of Detroit LASIK patients and even people from all over the world escape the restrictions of glasses and contacts. In the event that you’re not a candidate for vision correction, we’ll assist you with a contact lens evaluation or a selection of designer and specialty eyewear.