4 Reasons Fall Might Be the Best Time for LASIK

Did you miss your chance to get vision correction over the summer? Don’t fret: You may be entering the best time for LASIK right now.

For many people, the mild autumn months are the most comfortable time of year. There may also be extra openings on the calendar with summer travel completed, the kids back in school and several weeks of breathing room before holiday gatherings start ramping up.

Be ready for it all with better eyesight than you’ve had in some time – or ever. Here are four reasons the fall season could be your ideal time for a Detroit LASIK procedure.

  1. You won’t sniff and sneeze through recovery.

There are so many things to see and do during spring, it might be tempting to get LASIK surgery when you can “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak. But if the flora of springtime set off your seasonal allergies, you may want to rethink your timing.

Sneezing and wheezing through post-LASIK recovery won’t help your delicate eyes heal any faster and could make you more uncomfortable than necessary. To keep hay fever from causing itching and making dry eye worse, think about having the procedure in the fall when tree pollens have settled down.

  1. You won’t sweat or squint either.

When you get LASIK in fall, odds are you’re going to be past the most brutal heat of summer. That means less squinting against searing summer sun and less stinging sweat dripping into your healing eyes.

Autumn LASIK also means you won’t be recuperating from a vision correction procedure at a time when you would rather be out on the water, at the beach or in the pool. Give your glasses and/or contact lenses one last summer hurrah – you won’t miss them next year!

  1. You won’t contend with cold, dry air or snow blindness.

Dry eye is common in the winter when frigid air and low humidity can be harsh on eyes. The issue is even more pronounced for those who have dry eye syndrome to begin with. 

If this is you, an autumn laser vision correction procedure may help you get around the worst of it.

  1. You’ll be ready for all the holiday fun! 

Imagine enjoying Thanksgiving festivities, seeing the Christmas lights, carolers, loved ones and brightly adorned gifts in all their technicolor glory for the first time in years. Get SoftTouch LASIK or the Zeiss SMILE procedure in the autumn season and you’ll have much better vision by the time Santa descends the chimney.

BONUS: Use your Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account for additional tax-free savings! If you have funds in your FSA or HSA, vision correction is the perfect way to use those and enjoy additional savings to boot. Don’t let these funds expire or go to waste! Use them toward modern vision correction and give yourself an early holiday gift this season.

Your next step for LASIK this Autumn season? Book your free LASIK consultation with Dr. Khambati at Lake Lazer Eye Center and find out which procedure and what timing might be ideal for you.

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