5 Signs Your Prescription Eyewear Needs to be Updated

Life would be so much easier if patients could simply renew or update their eyewear on the same schedule every year – but, sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Our eye anatomy and vision can change in unpredictable ways and on unpredictable timelines.

So, when a calendar can’t tell you you’re due for a new pair of glasses or contacts, how else do you know? If you notice any or all these telltale signs, your eyes may be trying to tell you it’s time.

  1. Everything is blurry.

It feels obvious, but you may not immediately be aware that your eyes are blurry. That’s because the human brain has an amazing capacity to fill in the blanks for us when our eyesight falls short. If you experience any amount of blurriness, no matter how brief or how recent you updated your prescription, make an eye appointment with a Detroit LASIK surgeon or eye doctor. It may already be time for an update.

  1. You’re squinting.

Squinting narrows the area through which our eyes must focus. To a limited extent, it also slightly changes the shape of the eye, helping change the angle of light as it enters the cornea and hits the retina. We squint without even thinking about it and may not even notice we’re doing it. In fact, your first indication that you’ve gotten into this habit may be when a friend or family member brings it to your attention.

  1. You really want to close your eyes …

Tired eyes aren’t just a symptom of overuse; they can also indicate that your eyes are working too hard to compensate for outdated glasses or contact lenses.

  1. … Or you want to rub your eyes.

Your eyes may also feel irritated, dry or gritty when your prescription expires. As your eyes change, you may spend more time straining to read – and forgetting to blink. You may mistake the discomfort that follows for symptoms of dry eye syndrome, but let your ophthalmologist make that determination.

  1. Headaches are more common.

A million and one things cause headaches, so it can be extremely difficult to zero in on the exact cause. If you find yourself experiencing frequent mild headaches for no apparent reason, consider whether your eyewear might be behind it.

Most prescription eyeglass and contact lens wearers will need to get a new prescription nearly every year, sometimes even more frequently, so annual eye exams are essential.

Prefer to sidestep these frustrations altogether? Consider life-changing SoftTouch LASIK or SMILE procedure. Laser eye surgery corrects refractive errors that cause bad vision, thus eliminating the need for constant prescription updates. For many patients, the savings on annual prescription eyeglasses and contacts more than covers the investment in laser eye surgery.

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