5 Ways Summer Is Better After LASIK

Summer was made for carefree fun in the sun – or whatever natural element gives you great vibes. Whether you’re a museum-hopper or a sports buff, you can enjoy it more and probably do it better if your natural vision is optimal.

Here are the top five ways your summer could get better with LASIK.

  1. You’ll take to the water fearlessly

There’s nothing like a summer on the water: swimming, surfing, boating, waterskiing, tubing and more. These summer pastimes are a whole lot more fun without contact lenses to contend with.

River, lake and ocean water – or any unsterile liquid – are completely incompatible with contacts. They can introduce bacteria, germs and other contaminants into the lens, or can cause warps in the lenses that can scratch or squeeze the cornea. Even the standard post-pool shower is a no-no while wearing contact lenses. That means you have to wash your hands, remove your contacts, store them properly in sterile solution, retrieve your backup glasses … and then secure your glasses in a safe place before you leap into the water.

Water-lovers discover a whole new level of enjoyment of their hobbies after LASIK. No more switching between visual aids or risking damage or loss of them. Instead, pick up a pair of UV-blocking cheap sunglasses and look and feel cool.

  1. Dust isn’t so scary either. 

The warmer, drier conditions of summer are a double-edged sword. Ever get dust in your contact lenses? Ouch! After LASIK vision correction, there are no more contacts or prescription glasses to contend with. We can’t guarantee you won’t encounter dust and debris, but at least you won’t have to remove lenses on the field, the court or the course to deal with it.

  1. You’ll improve your game.

Many LASIK patients find they’re able to perform better in sports with naturally sharper vision – that is, vision that doesn’t require external corrective devices. Without visual aids in or in front of your eyes, you can stop fiddling with glasses and contacts and start focusing more on the game itself. 

  1. You’ll get more out of the tourism experience. 

Whether you’re inspecting a museum of miniatures or gazing at a scenic seascape, your experience as a tourist is so much more satisfying when you can truly see it all seamlessly. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave prescription eyewear at home and still be able to take in nature’s wonders and riveting reading with ease?

  1. You can pack a little lighter for vacation. 

Reading glasses, distance glasses, contact lenses, contacts case, contact lens cleaning solution – what a pain to pack it all! Even worse, you have to be mindful of packing them where they’re easily accessible, about TSA requirements for liquids in your luggage, and what could happen to your visual aids during airport security checks. Then, for your entire trip, you’ll be worried about losing them and having to replace them away from home. Who needs the aggravation?

When you correct your vision through LASIK laser eye surgery, those worries are a thing of the past. Just bring along your most fashionable shades. If you lose them, they’re available just about everywhere for as little as a few bucks.

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