Sports Eye Safety Month: Sports That Are Better After LASIK

Man playing golf

With spring in full swing, it’s time to hit the greens, the trails, the lakes and the lots in pursuit of healthy competition. For the sports-lover, there’s no time like now to indulge favorite pastimes.

Know that anything you enjoy with glasses and contact lenses is a thousand times more fun without them—provided you’re without them because you no longer need them. So, in honor of Sports Eye Safety Month, we present five of our favorite spring/summer sports and why they’re better after LASIK:

  1. Swimming and boating. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), bodies of water such as lakes and streams, and even water from the tap, can introduce germs that can lead to serious eye infections. Even without the germs, a splash of H2O has been known to warp contact lenses, leading to discomfort or scratches to the cornea. After LASIK, you don’t have to worry about taking out contacts before you shower or swim. You can still wear protective goggles for surfing or wakeboarding if you’d like. Otherwise, a super-cool pair of full-spectrum sunglasses are all you need.
  1. Baseball. Whether catching fly balls on the field or watching the scoreboard from the stands, contacts and glasses can get in the way. Imagine sliding into home plate without worrying about dust in your contacts or just watching your favorite slugger improve his batting average without a sun glare on your glasses. 
  1. Golf. A crisp, clear view of the tee box and green is just the advantage you need to shave strokes off your score. How you tighten up your backswing is up to you…
  1. Fishing. A fly fisher knows the struggle of creating delicate dry flies and tying tiny hooks. To go from that fine handiwork to watching your lure dance on the water’s surface 20 feet away is asking a lot of bespectacled eyes! However, LASIK or the ZEISS SMILE procedure can help you navigate both easily.
  1. Tailgating. We’re counting spectator sports as sports, especially given the athletic shuffling we have to do to maintain social distance in a crowd. Once you’ve had laser vision correction, there are no more foggy glasses to obstruct your view of the action or the parking lot. In fact, the only thing that’ll be steaming is the bratwurst.

A skilled LASIK surgery provider like Dr. Khambati at Lake Lazer Eye Center can work with you to determine a vision correction plan that suits your job, lifestyle and sport of choice, whatever that may be.

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