Watersports Enthusiast’s Life After LASIK: ‘It’s an Amazing Feeling’

When Jake Wilson stepped into Dr. Shabbir Khambati’s office for an eye evaluation, he set his hopes high and expectations low. He’d spent the majority of his 34 years in thick eyeglasses and annoying contact lenses and suspected he’d be a hard case due to his tough prescription.

eye doctor and patient after lasik eye surgery

“My glasses were so thick, I was uncomfortable wearing them in public. I was embarrassed,” Jake says. Most of the time, he wore contact lenses but then faced the aggravation of having to remove them before engaging in the watersports he loves so much. That meant either wearing those heavy, “Coke bottle” glasses or not seeing anything at all.

“I spent 25-plus years in contacts, and it took two minutes—one minute in each eye—to correct a lifetime of bad eyesight.”

But the most powerful tipping point was one we’ve become all too familiar with in the past year. “COVID fogging was the final nail,” he says. “My parents got LASIK more than 20 years ago and were so happy with it. I thought, I’ll see what happens.”

At -8.75 diopters in one eye and -9.0 diopters in the other, Jake wasn’t entirely sure he’d be a candidate for LASIK. “I was probably the worst case they’d seen and still be able to do LASIK.” But Dr. Khambati at Lake Lazer Eye Center is a board-certified ophthalmologist with more than 20,000 surgeries under his belt. After reviewing the detailed scans of Jake’s eyes, Dr. Khambati knew he could make significant improvement to Jake’s vision.

On Jan. 26, 2021, Jake received LASIK vision correction. By the time he turned in for the night, he was already seeing better than he had since he was 6 years old. In the weeks since then, his eyesight has continued to improve. Now the former kid in the “geeky” spectacles is completely free of visual aids.

“It was weird, but I felt air around my eyes after surgery—not at all in a bad way. It’s an amazing feeling,” Jake says.

“I spent 25-plus years in contacts, and it took two minutes—one minute in each eye—to correct a lifetime of bad eyesight,” he says. “It’s the only self-enhancement you can do that takes two minutes.”

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