What Is the Best Time of Year to Get LASIK?

man throwing away glasses after getting LASIK

Winter, spring, summer or fall? Which season is best for LASIK? While the greening of spring or a summer vacation might feel like great times for a vision refresh, do you really want to wait to get out of those glasses or contact lenses?

You’re in luck. It just so happens that winter is the most wonderful time of the year to give yourself the gift of better vision, for a lot of reasons. 

What makes winter the best time for LASIK?

Of course, there is never really a bad time to improve your eyesight; however, we think these considerations make a compelling case for making the switch now.

It’s less humid. While temperature and humidity are not believed to measurably affect your ability to heal, the cooler weather and drier air of winter should make for an even more comfortable healing process after laser eye surgery. Plus, odds are you won’t have stinging sweat dripping in your eyes.

You’re generally less active. Most sports are out of season, and we are spending more time indoors where we would be immediately following treatment anyway. Scheduling vision correction surgery during wintertime means you are ready to go in plenty of time for spring and summer sports, swimming and vacations.

You have more opportunities for downtime. SoftTouch LASIK and the ZEISS SMILE procedure – both performed at Lake Lazer Eye Center – are very fast-healing treatments. Patients typically report they are able to resume most normal activities the next day. But some like to take an extra day to relax, which is perfectly fine! 

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a few days off before or after a major holiday, that’s normally all the time you’ll need to heal. Patients tell us they are able to return to work or school with the best vision they have had in a long time—or ever.

You can spend the balance of your Flexible Spending Account. Perhaps you’ve had a relatively healthy year and now have funds remaining in your employer’s Flexible Spending Account. Put it to good use before those funds expire. 

Insurance companies consider LASIK as a “cosmetic” procedure, and thus, do not cover the investment in vision correction surgery. You can, however, use your FSA/HSA account balance toward your LASIK investment. (Lake Lazer Eye Center works with reputable lenders to offer low-cost payment plans, so you can finance the remainder and make small monthly payments.) 

The icing on the cake is that your health spending funds are untaxed. So, if you have already spent your funds for the year, plan to max out your contributions next year (the 2021 cap is $2,750) and get the added benefit of spending pre-taxed money on your procedure.

If you have questions about how to do this, call us and we’re happy to walk you through how to do it – (586) 792-3891.

Your first step is to find out if you are a candidate for SoftTouch LASIK or the ZEISS SMILE Procedure. If you start now, you could be seeing better by Christmas or New Year’s Eve!

Dr. Khambati has nearly 20 years of experience providing advanced vision correction procedures for patients who wish to achieve crisp, clear vision. Start your journey with a thorough consultation to find out if you’re a candidate for permanent vision correction. Call (586) 792-3891 or book online at USeeMore.com.