Brother-Sister Duo Have Their Eyes in the Game After Vision Correction

A spur-of-the-moment decision about vision correction was all it took to forever change two lives for the better.  

Ariana, 22, made the decision to have the ZEISS SMILE procedure in early August 2020 with Dr. Shabbir Khambati at Lake Lazer Eye Center, and that step encouraged big brother Andre Drummond to follow suit. Drummond, 27, a forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, got LASIK with Dr. Khambati less than a month later

“Prior to the surgery, I asked questions to Dr. Khambati and Mrs. Khambati, and I watched videos online as to how the surgery was done. And from there I asked more questions. I didn’t have any fear because I knew I was in the best of hands,” says Ariana.  

“My eyesight was at -10. I couldn’t see shapes – it was more like blobs. And I couldn’t see fine lines at all. I didn’t hesitate about the surgery at all. I knew I wanted to get eye corrective surgery at some time and I just decided to do it in August.” 

Although Andre’s -3.0/-3.5 prescriptions didn’t create as much difficulty as his sister’s, he understood the value refractive surgery could have for him on the basketball court. “I could still function without my glasses or contacts. My eyesight wasn’t as bad as my sister’s, but I definitely got tired of constantly putting in and taking out my contacts.” 

With both LASIK and the ZEISS SMILE procedure, the surgeon uses a precise laser to reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors (irregularities in the shape of the cornea that prevent light passing through the lens from properly focusing on the retina). Most patients experience very quick improvement in their vision in the hours, days and weeks after their procedure. 

“Dr. Khambati said my eyesight will get sharper over time. So just being on the floor and living life without contacts has been a good adjustment,” says Andre. “It helps not having to worry when I get hit in the eye that my contacts will fall out – and having to go to the bench and ask for a new contact. And I won’t have to worry about my contacts getting a little dry when I’m constantly wiping sweat off my face or when it gets in my eyes.” 

For Ariana, laser eye surgery has opened up new worlds as well. There’s less strain to read, in her auditing work, and to take in all the fine details she was missing before. 

“We can both see without having any eye correction lenses,” she says. “We knew we were in the best hands with Dr. Khambati. Everything he said about the surgery came true and we didn’t doubt him.” Lake Lazer Eye Center has provided thousands of patients with life-changing vision correction surgery, using sophisticated and safe technology. View “Your Options” at to learn about LASIK, ZEISS SMILE, cataract, glaucoma, dry eye and other treatments. To request an eye exam or LASIK consultation call (586) 792-3891 or use our online contact form.