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ZEISS SMILE is the first and only small incision lenticule extraction (ZEISS SMILE) laser vision correction solution currently available. DR. KHAMBATI is one of the FIRST IN THE COUNTRY to perform ZEISS SMILE. The Next Generation Laser Vision Correction Beyond LASIK. 100% Bladeless, Flapless & Painless!

How does ZEISS SMILE work?

The ZEISS SMILE procedure has become the 3rd generation of laser vision correction after PRK and LASIK. ZEISS SMILE is at the forefront of laser vision correction with a procedure that is redefining refractive laser surgery as we know it. ZEISS is the only company to provide a way for treating patients with this minimally invasive procedure.

Comparison of LASIK and SMILE

Unlike LASIK, the ZEISS SMILE procedure is performed without creating a flap.

In ZEISS SMILE, tiny pulses of femtosecond laser pass through the outer portion of the cornea to carve out a lenticule (corresponding to the refractive error to be corrected) which is then quickly extracted.

Flapless, Minimally Invasive, 3D LASER, Beyond LASIK, Bladeless, Painless

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