It is an unfortunate fact that millions of Americans struggle with dry eyes every single day. Dry eye disease can result in excessive watering, itching, stinging, redness, blurred vision, and a variety of other unwanted side effects. We understand just how difficult it can be to live with this condition, and that is why we offer our patients the advanced dry eye testing system known as InflammaDry. Instead of sending multiple fluid samples to a testing facility, this technology allows us to quickly and safely test for dry eyes in a matter of minutes.

What Is InflammaDry?

In its earliest stages, dry eye disease is extremely difficult to diagnose. Some patients don’t notice any unusual symptoms or side effects for years. InflammaDry is an in-office test that allows us to detect an inflammatory agent known as MMP-9. When a patient develops dry eye disease, their eyes will immediately begin to produce an excessive amount of MMP-9. All that is needed to test for MMP-9 is a small sample of fluid from either of the eyes. Once the sample has been taken, it can be tested in the handheld InflammaDry device.

Helping Patients With Dry Eyes

InflammaDry is an ideal option for patients who believe that they may be suffering from dry eye disease or another condition that is producing similar side effects. Over the last few months, you might have noticed uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, blurred vision at the end of the day, or a slight stinging sensation. Dry eye disease can also be worsened by airborne allergens, wind, and other inflammatory diseases.

Administering InflammaDry

This testing system is quick, accurate, and completely noninvasive. Inside one of our private exam rooms, a team member will use a handheld device to take a small sample of fluid from the corner of the right or left eye. That sample is then placed inside another handheld device that tests the MMP-9 levels. After about 10 minutes, we will be given a positive, negative, or invalid reading. If the reading is invalid, then we can simply take another sample.

The Benefits of InfammaDry

Chronic dry eye disease can bring your life to a grinding halt, and that is why we believe it needs to be diagnosed as quickly as possible. In addition to being noninvasive, InflammaDry is also exceptionally accurate. InflammaDry produces very few false negatives, and it is easy to retest if the result comes back as invalid. In a single visit to our office, we can test for dry eyes and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. You won’t have to spend days or even weeks waiting for results from a third-party lab.

Getting Relief From Dry Eyes

Our team is ready to help all those who are suffering from dry eye disease and other similar conditions. Please contact us today to schedule your own dry eye evaluation.